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What equipment is needed to make craft beer?


What equipment is needed to make craft beer?

2024-06-06 00:00:00
With the arrival of summer, the peak season for beer demand has arrived. People who have worked all day get together after get off work to eat and drink. They are very happy. For summer, beer barbecue is a must. Now there are many barbecue beer houses with high-end decoration, so craft beer is naturally indispensable. What are the equipment for craft beer? Here is an answer for everyone:
Beer production equipment includes:
1. Raw material storage equipment: malt, rice storage bins, conveying pipe bridges, air dust collectors, temperature and humidity monitoring and control equipment, ventilation equipment, weighing and metering equipment, etc.
2. Raw material preparation equipment: malt, rice conveyor, centrifugal dust collector, vibrating screen, malt, rice crusher, etc.
3. Wort preparation equipment: gelatinization pot, saccharification pot, filter tank, wort boiling pot, sedimentation tank, cyclone sedimentation tank, cooler, ice water cold water preparation device, etc.
4. Beer fermentation equipment: fermentation tank fermentation tank, fermentation temperature control equipment, yeast culture expansion tank, washing and sterilization equipment, hot water alkaline water preparation equipment, etc.
5. Beer filtration equipment: yeast centrifuge, filter cotton diatomaceous earth filter, cyclotron fine filter, biomembrane filter, beer turbidity meter, deoxygenated water preparation equipment, high-concentration dilution device, etc.
6. Beer storage and distribution equipment: sake storage tank, temperature control equipment, capacity measuring device, beer distribution pump and automatic control and metering device, etc.
Craft beer process
The brewing process of beer brewing equipment is roughly the same. From the system analysis: crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, filtration system, CIP cleaning system, cooling system, piping system, packaging system, control system, etc. From the system analysis: crusher, saccharification filtration, boiling cyclotron, fermentation tank, sake tank, refrigeration, yeast expansion, filter, etc.
Craft beer is brewed with only hops, malt, yeast and water, without additives, so it has a strong taste and is healthier to drink.