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1000L double wall conical Fermenter

300L-5000L Fermentation System

1000L double wall conical Fermenter

1000L double wall conical Fermenter description:

Fermenter is also called CCT (Cylindrical Conical Tank), FV (Fermentation Vessel), primary fermentor or unitank as they are used both for fermenting and lagering. Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer. Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to stabilize and age after fermenting. Tonsen  stainless steel fermenters can be individually temperature controlled through glycol jackets and are mostly equipped with accessories such as pressure relief valve, CIP cleaning jet, sanitary sample valve, manhole,etc. The design of Tonsen fermenter is based on our vast beer knowledge and especially the conical fermenter bottom and the fact that we combine fermentation and maturation in the same vessel is very important. When calculating your fermenting and lagering capacity and configuration, sufficient time for fermenting and lagering to produce quality beers must be taken into consideration.

    Standard Configuration

    Function wort Fermentation or maturation
    Tank Capacity: 1000L (+25% Headspace minimum)
    Dimension: 1210mmx2550mm
    Interior Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
    Exterior Shell:SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
    100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
    Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4~0.6 mm without dead corner
    Insulation: Polyurethane; TH=80mm
    Glycol Jacket: Dimpled plate on cone and side
    Stringent tank leakage test by water and pressured gas
    Stringent Jacket leakage test by water and pressured gas
    Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom
    Sanitary side mounted manway
    CIP arm with 360° coverage CIP spraying ball
    CO2 blow-off arm with butterfly valve
    Full sanitary sampling valve
    Mechanical relief valve 2 bar on CIP arm
    Shockproof pressure gauge on CIP arm
    Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve
    Tri clamp discharge arm with butterfly valve
    Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor
    4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling pad and legs support
    Complete valves, fittings and all parts
    Dry hopping port with solid end cap
    Level tube for special request
    Carbonation port and stone for special request

    Glycation Details


    Upper Interior Lauter Tun


    False Bottom-Back




    inside stir


    buffer tank


    Grain door


    Feed water mixer

    Fermenter Detail


    Content Gauge


    Inside of FV




    Racking Arm


    Sample Vavle


    Spunding Valve

    Accessories For Auxiliary Machines


    Hops gun


    Plate heating exchanger


    Steam Boiler

    Weld Polishing

    Tank Capacity: 1000L/10BBL (+25% Headspace minimum)
    Interior Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=3mm
    Exterior Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=2mm
    Welding: 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
    Interior Finish: Sanitary 2B finish, Pickled and Passivated;
    (8K Mirror finish optional)
    Exterior Finish: Oil brushed finish(2B, 8K Mirror finish optional)
    Polishing Interior full polished to 0.2~0.4 μm without dead corner
    Insulation: TH=80mm with low thermal conductivity PU
    Cooling: 35% Glycol liquid -5℃
    Cooling Jacket: Dimple plate on bottom and side wall, welded without over burning
    Jacket test by water and gas, 5bar/75psi for 1hour, 3.5bar/52psi for 48 hours
    Jacket Working Pressure: < 2bar/30psi
    Tank leakage test by water and gas, 4bar/60psi for 1hour, 2.5bar/37.5psi for 48 hours
    Tank Working Pressure: 2bar/30psi
    Dished Top: Dished top full polished
    Conical bottom: 60° cone (customize)
    CIP Ball: Top mounted double clamp 360° rotary CIP spraying ball and port, 1pcs
    CIP arm: with four-way connection and butterfly valve
    CO2 blow-off arm: with butterfly valve (Removable)
    Sampling Valve: Full sanitary sampling valve
    Hydraulic shock pressure gauge: on CIP arm
    Rotating racking arm: Horizontal mounted at cone with butterfly valve
    Discharge arm: With butterfly valve, Removable and easy to clean
    Glycol water port: In/out port on side wall and cone;
    Thick wall pipe thread (Top or bottom design available)
    Legs: 4pcs completely SUS304 legs with braces;
    heavy duty foot pad
    Accessories: Complete valves, fittings and all parts, Tri clamp/DIN Union available
    Item Production capacity Volume in US Gallon Heating area Tank diameter Height
    SP-100 100L/day 26US Gallon 0.5m2 650mm 1500mm
    SP-200 200L/day 53US Gallon 0.8m2 850mm 1600mm
    SP-300 300L/day 79US Gallon 1.2m2 960mm 1700mm
    SP-400 400L/day 106US Gallon 1.5m2 1060mm 2000mm
    SP-500 500L/day 132US Gallon 1.8m2 1160mm 2300mm
    SP-5BBL 5BBL/day 155 US Gallon 1.9m2 1200mm 2350mm
    SP-600 600L/day 158US Gallon 2.0m2 1220mm 2350mm
    SP-700 700L/day 185US Gallon 2.4m2 1260mm 2380mm
    SP-800 800L/day 212US Gallon 2.5m2 1260mm 2400mm
    SP-7BBL 7BBL/day 216US Gallon 2.5m2 1280mm 2450mm
    SP-1000 1000L/day 264US Gallon 2.6m2 1360mm 2500mm
    SP-10BBL 10BBL/day 310 US Gallon 2.8m2 1460mm 2700mm
    SP-1500 1500L/day 396US Gallon 3.2m2 1520mm 2900mm
    SP-2000 2000L/day 528US Gallon 3.6m2 1560mm 2850mm
    SP-2500 2500L/day 660US Gallon 3.8m2 1650mm 3200mm
    SP-3000 3000L/day 792US Gallon 4.5m2 1760mm 3800mm
    SP-4000 4000L/day 1057US Gallon 4.9m2 1900mm 4100mm
    SP-5000 5000L/day 1320US Gallon 7.2m2 1960mm 4400mm