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Precautions for cleaning beer brewing equipment


Precautions for cleaning beer brewing equipment

2024-06-05 16:44:05
1. Cleaning time
The cleaning time of beer brewing equipment is crucial. Generally speaking, it is best to clean it immediately after the end of production to prevent beer residues from being fixed and deposited on the equipment, forming a scale layer that is difficult to remove. However, in some cases, such as when the equipment needs to be frequently converted, adjusted, etc., the time between two adjacent cleanings should not exceed 24 hours.
2. Cleaning method
The commonly used cleaning methods for beer brewing equipment include manual cleaning and CIP cleaning. Among them, CIP cleaning is a more common method. It can achieve fast and efficient cleaning effects through high temperature, high pressure water, alkaline or acidic cleaning fluids, etc. However, it should be noted that CIP cleaning should be adjusted and optimized according to the type of equipment and actual conditions.
3. Selection of cleaning agent
The cleaning agent used for cleaning beer brewing equipment is also very critical. Generally speaking, the selection of cleaning agent should be based on different equipment and usage conditions. For some traditional wine processes, commonly used cleaning agents are sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, etc. For some advanced beer brewing equipment, the use of acidic cleaning agents can achieve better cleaning effects.
4. Disinfection
Disinfection after cleaning of brewing equipment is also essential. The choice of disinfectant should be optimized according to the equipment and usage. Some high-concentration alcohol and hydrogen peroxide disinfectants can better ensure the disinfection effect. At the same time, for some precision equipment, special disinfection is also required, such as physical disinfection methods such as ultraviolet rays and ozone.
5. Conclusion
Cleaning of brewing equipment is a key link in improving beer quality and protecting consumer health. It is necessary to pay attention to equipment cleaning time, methods, and the selection of cleaning agents. In addition, disinfection of equipment is also very critical. Only by thorough cleaning and disinfection can the safety and hygiene of the beer production process be guaranteed.