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Beer keg filler and washer machine Semi-automatic operation

Beer Kegs Filler

Beer keg filler and washer machine Semi-automatic operation

    Main function and feature--2 water tanks or 3 water tanks

    1. Automatic control by PLC, all parameters can be adjusted through touch screen-Siemens.
    2. Cleaning and filling process can be finished in this machine at one time.
    3. All use pneumatic double acting angle seat valve which could ensure the action sensitivity and reliability.
    4. With unique prssure maintaining system, performance stable and reliable, beer loss minimum.
    5. With CIP automatic cleaning system.

    Working process

    Filling station: Fix the keg---Filling ---Stop---Take the keg
    Washing  Station : Impact the keg---Drain residue---Water rinse---Iye rinse---Hot water rinse---Steam sterilization--CO2 Pressurization----Take the keg

    detail picture

    Beer Kegs Filler (1)t9iBeer Kegs Filler (2)9z0Beer Kegs Filler (3)11j
    Beer Kegs Filler (5)4p6Beer Kegs Filler (6)j3oBeer Kegs Filler (41)0d8
    Beer Kegs Filler (7)wvgBeer Kegs Filler (8)bfu
    Part 1: Grain Miller
    Capacity 300-500kg/hr
    Function Curshing malt for mashing
    Material Carbon steel or stainless steel
    Crushing Particle Size Adjustable
    Wheels Optional commercial brewing system
    Part 2: 4 vessel brewhouse
    Capacity 1000L brewhouse tanks and 2000L hot liquor tank
    Brewhouse structure Mash tun/lauter tank/kettle tank/whirlpool tank+hot water tank
    Heating method Steam heating( Boiler/ steam generator is necessary)
    Direct fire heating and Electric heating are optional
    Pump 1 set wort pump+1 set hot water pump
    Platform Included turnkey 1000l beer brewing equipment system
    Heat exchanger Double stage brand
    Customization Customize tank structure, pipe flowing, installation and others
    Part 3: Fermentation Tank
    Capacity 1000L fermenter or 2000L fermenter
    Size Φ1210mmx2710mm or Φ1560mmx3130mm(Customized )
    Function Beer Fermenting/first fermentation
    Structure Double wall with jacket and insulation
    Manway Site Top or Side, optional
    Cooling medium Glycol water
    Fermenting pressure 2bar or 3bar beer making machine for beverage
    Spunding valve Available for adjusting fermenting pressure inside tank
    Part 4: Bright Beer Tank
    Capacity 1000L Bright beer tank or 2000L bright beer tank
    Size Customized
    Function Beer maturing/Secondary fermentation
    Fermenting Pressure 2bar or 3bar
    Part 5: Glycol Chilling System
    Configuration Matched glycol water tank+ chiller+pipeline
    Control type Automatic control
    Installation site Outdoor beer making machine for beverage
    Pipeline PPR; PEX or Stainless Steel
    6: Controlling System
    Cabinet Material Anti-power Plastic painting or Stainless Steel cover
    Assembling Style Floor/Wall hanging
    Certificate CE certificated
    Control Type Manual control; PLC automated control is optional
    7: CIP Cleaning System
    Capacity 100L
    Structure Two tanks with cart and wheels
    VFD Yes beer making machine for beverage
    Independent Controller Yes
    Item Production capacity Volume in US Gallon Heating area Tank diameter Height
    SP-50 50L/day 14US Gallon 0.15㎡ 550mm 1500mm
    SP-100 100L/day 26US Gallon 0.25㎡ 650mm 2000mm
    SP-200 200L/day 53US Gallon 0.25㎡ 850mm 2200mm
    SP-300 300L/day 79US Gallon 0.3㎡ 950mm 2500mm
    SP-500 500L/day 132US Gallon 0.5㎡ 1160mm 2800mm
    SP-600 600L/day 158US Gallon 0.6㎡ 1220mm 2350mm
    SP-700 700L/day 185US Gallon 0.7㎡ 1250mm 2380mm
    SP-800 800L/day 212 US Gallon 0.8㎡ 1260mm 2400mm
    SP-1000 1000L/day 264US Gallon 1.0㎡ 1360mm 3000mm
    SP-1500 1500L/day 396US Gallon 1.5㎡ 1520mm 2900mm
    SP-2000 2000L/day 528US Gallon 2.0㎡ 1760mm 3150mm
    SP-2500 2500L/day 660US Gallon 2.5㎡ 1800mm 3200mm
    SP-3000 3000L/day 792US Gallon 3.0㎡ 1860mm 3800mm
    SP-5000 5000L/day 1320US Gallon 5.0㎡ 2260mm 4400mm